Social Networks policy

Social Media Participation Guidelines

On social media, we are open; we want our followers and/or consumers to share, show and exchange information, opinions and suggestions across the various platforms. And to keep everything running smoothly, we have some participation rules that apply to all of our social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube):

1. Being of legal age is mandatory. No exceptions!

2. Disrespectful behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. Estrella Damm will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discourse or contribution that can be interpreted as such. After all, social networks are designed for interacting, making friends and having a good time, aren’t they?

3. When posting copyrighted information without the permission of the author, the source URL must be included.

4. We hate spam and illegal content of any kind.

5. We recommend that users do not post personal details like physical or electronic addresses, telephone numbers, bank account details, etc. on any of Estrella Damm’s social media profiles.

6. If you share your Estrella moment with us or a visit to a spot from our #EstrellaGuide, remember that your content cannot be related to:
- underage people
- activities that associate beer with driving
- activities related to the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages
- activities related to tobacco or the consumption of drugs

Estrella Damm reserves the right to delete any messages that do not comply with the respect and legal guidelines applicable to social media content. All content deemed offensive and/or threatening will be deleted to the extent that the platform allows.

Estrella Damm waives any responsibility associated with the breach of these participation guidelines by the users, and any consequences that may arise from said breach.


Privacy Policy for SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DAMM’s official page on Social Networks

1. Information regarding responsibility for processing the data contained on the official page of SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DAMM on the social network
According to that which is established in the Organic Law 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection (with LOPD as its Spanish acronym), and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st December, for which the LOPD development regulation is approved (hereinafter referred to as RDLOPD), SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DAMM (hereinafter referred to as DAMM) requires acknowledgment from the users of this social network of the policy regarding the treatment and data protection of those persons who willingly access and use DAMM’s official page.
Access and use of DAMM’s official page by the user implies express acceptance of this privacy policy and consent to the treatment of their personal data.

2. Underage or incapable data
Access and registration to this social network by persons under fourteen (14) years old is prohibited. Access to DAMM’s official page by people under fourteen (14) years old is also prohibited. If the user is incapable, DAMM states the need for consent from the parent or person responsible, or a legal representative, in order for the user to access and use DAMM’s official page. DAMM is expressly released of any responsibility that may derive from use of its official page by any person who is underage and incapable, their legal representatives being solely responsible in each case.

3. Identification of the Name of the Company Responsible for Processing.
The user has been informed that DAMM, with registered office at C/ ROSSELLÓ Nº 515, BARCELONA 08025, holds the condition of being Responsible for Files and Processing, through which the personal data of the user is collected and stored as a consequence of registration and use of DAMM’s official page on this social network, in spite of the treatments that are the responsibility of the legal entity of the social network where the official page is found.

4. Purposes for which personal data, information and consent are destined
The personal data willingly provided by the user to DAMM through its official page will be included in a data treatment file which is the responsibility of DAMM, for the purpose of providing the user with information about DAMM via e-mail, fax, SMS, MMS, social communities or any other electronic or physical means, present or future, which make commercial communications possible, as well as the sending of Newsletters to those users who have subscribed, the exchange of information between DAMM and other users and the establishment of communication with third parties.
From the moment that the user accesses the actual official page, he/she gives willing, unequivocal, informed and express consent to allow DAMM to treat his/her personal data, in order to facilitate reception of the correct services according to that which is established in this policy.
The user is free to use DAMM’s official page on this network, and in the event that he/she does not agree with the treatment of his/her personal data for the purposes explained, he/she can stop using the page and providing his/her personal data.
Through DAMM’s official page, the user can share text, pictures, videos and other kinds of information and/or content, which will be subject to this policy, as well as to the Rules and Conditions of the Platform. The user will be responsible for respecting the legislation in force, the current policy and the Platform Rules for all content he/she may publish.
The user can only publish personal data, pictures, information and other content on DAMM’s official page for which he/she has ownership, or when authorisation from the third party is not required.
DAMM retains the right to delete from this official page—unilaterally and without previous communication or authorisation from the user—any content published by the user which contravenes or infringes upon the legislation in force, the rules established in the current policy or the Platform Rules.

5. Identification of the addressees with respect to those which DAMM had planned to transfer or communicate data to
The user is informed that all information and content that he/she may publish on DAMM’s official page on this social network will be available to other users of the official page and of the social network platform. Consequently, all information and content published by the user on DAMM’s official page on this social network will be a source of interaction for other users, due to the nature of the service.
DAMM intends only to transfer or communicate data that, due to the legislation in force, must be provided to judges, courts, public administrations, and competent administrative authorities.

6. Other third-party providers
informs the user that this entity is solely responsible and guarantees the confidentiality, security and treatment of data in accordance with this policy, regarding personal data collected from the user through the current official page. DAMM has no responsibility regarding the treatment and later use of personal data that may be executed by the owner of the social network, as well as third parties which provide society of information services and may have access to such data to enable them to provide services or exercise their activity, third parties who create hyperlinks on the social network, and those responsible to whom DAMM redirects the registered users on this official page through the use of hyperlinks.

7. Data quality
warns the user that, unless there is a constituted legal representation, no user can use the identity of another person and communicate the personal data of said person. In accordance with the foregoing, the user must acknowledge at all times that the data he/she supplies only applies to his/her own identity and must be adequate, pertinent, real, exact and true. In any case, the user must respect the privacy of third parties, whether they are registered users of this social network or DAMM’s official page or not.

8. Exercising the rights of data access, rectification, cancellation and opposition
informs the user of the possibility of exercising his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition through a written request addressed to DAMM, with registered office at C/ ROSSELLÓ Nº 515, BARCELONA 08025, or to a replacement entity that is registered in the Data Protection General Register. To this effect, the applicant must send DAMM a written communication indicating the petition or the right he/she is exercising attached to a copy of his/her ID card or other valid document that confirms his/her identity, expressly indicating his/her username on DAMM’s official page on the social network, for the purpose of being unequivocally identified.

9. Other information of interest
can modify and/or replace at any time the current policy that, according to the specific case, will replace, complete and/or modify the version published which has been presented here. The user must access this policy periodically, in order to stay updated.
The user can contact DAMM via the internal text service of the social network or via the following contact information:

Registered Office: C/ ROSSELLÓ Nº 515, BARCELONA 08025

The user is advised to consult the rules and policies published by the legal holder of the social network before making use of it.