A guide to loving and preserving the unique nature and culture of the Mediterranean.
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St. Pere, Sta. Caterina i la Ribera

El Born, Via Laietana, Arc de Triomf… a neighbourhood filled with contrasts

1. Barcelona- Arc de Triomf

Josep Vilaseca designed the Arc de Triomf to be the entrance to the World's Fair that was hosted by Barcelona in 1888.

2. Barcelona- Correus

The Correus i Telègrafs building is notable for its interior of arches, vaults and stained glass windows.

3. Barcelona- Ciutadella

La Ciutadella is the oldest natural park in Ciutat Vella.

4. Barcelona- Estació de França

The noucentista hall of the Estació de França features three large domes.

5. Barcelona- Cascada Parc Ciutadella

The Cascada Monumental was designed by Gaudí and built between 1875 and 1888

6. Barcelona- Hivernacle

The greenhouse in the Ciutadella has 128 years of history and houses plants from around 20 different countries.

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