A guide to loving and preserving the unique nature and culture of the Mediterranean.
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From the Bue Marino caves to Cala Graziosa

The island of Favignana, to the west of Sicily, is home to unique spots like the Bue Marino caves. The descent into the sea is among old limestone quarries, a perfect shelter when the heat gets too stifling.

Until a few decades ago, this area was inhabited by the last monk seals, a species that is now listed as extinct.

At Cala Graziosa, near the town of Favignana, it is possible to view the sea floor in great detail when the sirocco wind blows. To the south of the island we can found Grotta Perciata, an open-air cave topped by stones.

Favignana is a very well-known tuna fishing spot; so much so that it has one of the largest tuna traps in the Mediterranean, the Tonnara di Florio.

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